Danalock v3 stops working when it roams to router, it only works when conncted to cordinator directly

Hi guys.
I have the Danalock v3 and it looks and feels like a great device. but the Zigbee part is not working as intended.
if I connect it to the network it works fine for some time 1h to many 3h then it usually finds a better path via a router that is closer. And now the troubles start. the lock cant be unlocked or locked and the status does not change.
if I watch it via vnc i can see that when connected to conbee stick everything is fine. As soon as it stops I see that the connection has changed to a router.
is there any way to make an end-device only talk to the coordinator? of is this something we can solve?
i know locking it to the coordinator defeats the purpose of Zigbee but I would like to trie if that helps and makes it stable. it also drains the battery when connected to a router.

Not sure if it helps at all, but I ALWAYS connect devices where they are placed, not at the coordinator, and then move it. A LOT of devices have problems with roaming (all xiaomi devices have this issue).

@fribse Thanks for the tip. I always try to do that also. But whit the Danalock v3 the problem can occur even if I add a new device close to it. so it does not matter if a move the device or another new device comes online, or the router it was connected to reboots for some reason. The problem is that it cannot recover whatsoever from this and that leaves the lock unusable whit zigbee. With aqara/xiaomi sensors, I haven’t had problems whit new devices at least.

Unfortunately, moving in the mesh is the normal procedure, Xiaomi/Aqara don’t do that, but for me it’s a bug.

And it s not something deconz can control.
But IDK for other, first time I m seing this issue for doorlock.

And if the inclusion was done using the router direclty (no using the coordinator), it disconnect immediatly ? the inclusion fail ?

I can always do the inclusion. Either via coordinator or via router. It does not fail immediately I can usually use it for a couple of hours. Then after x hours or minutes it fails l. There is a simular case in the zigbee2mqtt but whit two cc2530 routers. But the behavior is the same.

But they managed to fix it but I did not understand the last things they did.

But the bad news is to solve that, you need a better firmware for the router …
And like said the last user, only manufacture can update their firmwares. You can’t use another router ?

Perhaps this feature can help you, to use a router instead another https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Source-Routing the " Fixed source routes"

Interesting. Will give it a try at least :slight_smile: thanks

Same problems with Vimar products. They don’t work well if not connected to the coordinator straightly

Thanks, guys for the support. Not sure if danalock will fix this sins they only claim that smart things are the only supported platform. haven’t had time to test source routing yet but will.
It feels wrong starting a third Zigbee network in the house (hue birge and deconz stick) so hoping that source routing will make it work ok. But how knows many there will be a second stick :stuck_out_tongue: