Control an ESP32-H2

I am programming an ESP32-H2 with the basic light example from espressif. I was successful to add it to my RaspBee controlled Zigbee network, but I can’t get it to show up in the list of lights in the Phoscon app.

I attached a screenshot of how the device looks like in deCONZ. Is the device missing some attributes, clusters,…? Does anybody know what the Phoscon app uses to identify and show a device?

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I also have interests in seeing an answer to this topic, on a more generic level.

I’m trying to have my Phoscon RaspBee II talk to an ESP32-H2, preferably to send custom data (not just to act like a switch or light). I don’t have tons of experience with Zigbee in general so I’m looking for more basic info on it, but I’ll keep a watch on this regardless.

Your device is an end-device, not a router.
It’s not a wired device ? it’s a choice ?

Deconz auto detect light only if they are router. End device are generaly sensor, and for thoses one need to use a DDF for detection.

oh! Thanks a lot for that information!!

yes, currently I have the ESP32-H2 configured as an end-device. That’s the way that the example from Espressif is setup. They provide the devices in a pair, a switch and a light. The switch is the controller and the light is an end-device.

I will look into this and figure out, what changes I need to make to the code to define it as a router.

There is a big difference, but it’s a choice, if you prefer to keep it as end device, it’s possible (there is some wired switch without neutral working as end device), but you will need to create a DDF for deconz reconise it.