Continous OTA update of IKEA bulbs


I have noticed, that deConz keeps updating some of my IKEA GU10 Trådfri bulbs… the update reaches 100%, the bulb resets/restarts - and after a short time, the OTA update starts again…

Any hints on what could be the reason for this ?
I am using the HomeAssistant addon/integration and a Conbee II stick


I can confirm, that this is also happening for E27 bulbs:
All bulbs are trying endlessly to update from 0x23086631 to 0x23093631.

same here - updating over and over again.
did a FW upgrade to latest version, did not seem to help.

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Has been asked a few times already , please use the search button on the forums in the future :slight_smile:

Anyway, it seems that this will be fixed soon: OTAU for Trådfri repeaters retries indefinitely · Issue #37 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-ota-plugin · GitHub

Commit is made, but not integrated yet.

sorry, I may had the wrong search tags.
tnx for your answer.