Constant disconnecting sounds trying to set up CONBEE II

IT seems that after a reboot, the addon changes Internal IP. this is not something we can help with as the Addon isn’t maintained by us. I think your best to ask on the HA support channels.

Well I tried to start over from scratch, thinking maybe that would help it.
Now I cant get my usb to show up in phoscons, any ideas what happened here?

Probably the cache?

Try in private browsing mode.

I was able to fix it with a backup, but now I have this strange problem.

I even tried re-installing, but deCONZ is not picking up the USB:

But if I go to this URL, it does, but somehow that isnt connected to the deConz in Integrations. I even made sure in the config file and in the entities configuration file that the ip was the same.

Im going to try the ZHA integration instead, Ill let you know if I jump back to this and need help! Thank you