Consant traffic from Ikea bulbs?


I have recently got a small setup going with 3 Ikea Tradfri Bulbs and 2 Styrbar controllers using a Conbee II on a RPi. I have Deconz, HA, and node-red all running in dockers. Everything seems to be working fine, but I get the feeling that I am getting significant interference on my bluetooth headphones.

I do intend to look into channel overlap issues, but while I was looking at the mesh in Deconz VNC, I noticed that the status lights of the 3 bulbs are constantly blinking blue, notifying messages received if I am correct. Is this normal? They do this even with HA and node-red containers stopped. Does it have to do with the fact that, as mains devices, they act as routers? Is there a way to find out what messages they are acknowledging without reflashing my Conbee II with ZShark?