Connect conbee2 to same zigbee network of hue bridge

Dear all.

I have a conbee2 and it works great with sensors and remotes.

I have a Hue bridge with all my lights, scenes, and automation, is there a way for conbee2 to be on the same zigbee network od the hue bridge so that the phoscon app or deconz can intercept/send the messages to devices registered on the hue bridge?

e.g: I have the lights and remote Friends of Hue configured with the Hue bridge. A switch with 4 button is configured and works great. I would like that the buttons activity is listened by the phoscon app anyway so that these event can be forwarded to homeassistant. As a result the switch still works with hue bridge but in addition those event are detected by homeassistant as well.

Is this possible?


This is not possible per Zigbee standard. There could only be 1 coordinator.

Hello Mimiix,
Yes, I was wondering more on the router setting, was anyone able to make it work with the latest firmware please?

Another thing, given is possible to sniff and decrypt zigbee messages (e.g. with zshark) if there is a possibility to do that with phoscon or deconz?

I have no idea if putting the Conbee as router in hue works. However that still wouldn’t make other devices controllable in hue.

You can use zshark with Conbee, but not when in use with deconz at the same time.