Configure RGBW Controller to only act as W-Controller in phoscon app?


I’m running several GLEDOPTO GL-C-007 RGBW LED Controller for stripes. I also use them to control “only White” stripes by just connecting the W and V+ lines.

As Phoscon App is (for sure) recognize them as RGBW Stripes i get the full controll with color, temp and saturation. When i move the control bars to the correct positions i can controll the stripe, but my guest doesn’t know this special situation and so most of the time the stripe is not running because guest are changing the color.

Is there a way to tell the phoscon GUI that the stripe is only White and to just show “on / off” and “brightnes” controlls by an config setting / faking device ID or something similar?

Best Regards

It’s possible but it ain’t pretty. You can change the respective DDF of the controller (assuming it has one?), and remove the color part and only keeping the dimable light part. Custom DDFs that should survive a deCONZ update can be placed in $HOME/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices/<vendor>

Hmm, but then all GL-C-007 will appear as W-Device, or? I use them also to run RGBW Stripes :wink:

Indeed currently this is only a catch all solution. In future it will be possible to assign different DDFs on a per device basis but we are not there yet.