Conditional switching

The possibility to switch based on sensor results, e.g., a motion sensor triggers, but the built-in brightness sensor measures above the set brightness threshold, so the light doesn’t turn on.

From my understanding of a smart home, I expect a system that responds to various sensor readings and intelligently processes switch activations. However, at the moment, the software only acts as an intermediary between the switch and the actuator, lacking any real smart functionality.


This feature is currently in development and just needs some finishing. However the developer is available again in september. So I think this feature will come in october.

Beside being able doing these automations via Phoscon App in future, the existing /rules REST-API is made for this very task to incorporate multiple sensors into more complex logic.

Another powerful GUI option is using the deCONZ REST-API via Node-RED (node-red-contrib-deconz).

To add to this. I recommend using Hue Essentials. That front-end is really easy to use (i believe he has Iphone, Android and Windows versions).

I will hold on until October.

October has been over for a while now, what’s the status on the promised functionality? Since there seems to be no progress in that direction, I’ve explored Node-RED and eventually abandoned it. Building a thermostat control with all features using Node-RED is possible for a programmer, making program changes is feasible if you have the skills. I don’t live alone in the house, and I don’t want to be the only one able to do anything in the smart home. What happens if I were to pass away? My wife has no interest in the technical side; it just needs to work. Changing batteries is still manageable, but everything else is unnecessarily complicated gadgetry. As it stands, it’s all just a gimmick. We’re moving into our own home later this year, and if there isn’t significant improvement in functionality, Deconz won’t be part of the move.

And now: Tata
none of my switches, none of my tempsensors, 1 of my 4 Motion Sensors and only the half of my lights are connected in deconz and i cant reconnect.

Any reason for the update not here?