ConbeeIII migration: lights not working

I am currently running deconz 2.25.3 with a ConbeeII firmware 26780700 through Home Assistant.

I have just tried migrating to a ConbeeIII firmware 0x26500900 throught the Phoscon backup feature. On reboot, all the devices were in the database and over a few minutes all the sensors (mostly Aqara window sensors and some Xiaomi illuminance sensors) came back and were functioning. So where the Hue Wall Switch modules inside my light switches.

However, the none of the light bulbs work – I have a mixture of Hue, Ikea and some Tuya led controllers. They are connected in phoscon, they seem to report being on and have their status reported to Home Assistant correctly, but the light itself does not toggle – neither on nor off.

Is this somehting to be expected still?

Going back to Conbee II was fine, so at least there is that.

Can you search for devices and toggle thepower on the lights?

And if you have the GUI, can you try direclty with it. To see if the problem is from the API or the zigbee side.

Interacting with the Phoscon GUI did not turn the lights on – but the icons happily were on.

I will try to redo this again when it’s light. One mistake I now realise I’ve made was not removing the Conbee II, so I had two cloned networks simultaneously.

If the Mimix tips not working and nothing is working trought the GUI, I think somes logs will be usefull (you can at least take a look in deconz/help/debug view to see if you see something interresting)