Conbee2 after Update from 2.24.2 to 2.25.3 Status Updates not correct

I Updated from 2.24.2 to 2.25.3 with apt-upgrade.
The update works without errors, the Conbee2 was up and running as usual.
But after some time i recognized that not all lamps work and they do not update the status in the phoscon web-page.
I cant switch them eather. So i re-cupple one and it worked, but only for a short time.

After reverting to 2.24.2 the problem was gone.

The problem is not on all lamps, but the affekted ones are from phillips hue.

The system runs on debian 11 under proxmox, the stick is attached via usb and is routed through.

Found it:

It will be fixed in v2.26.1, so i can wait :wink: