Conbee III Firmware update deCONZ_ConBeeIII_0x26510900.bin.GCF

I’m not finding release notes for Conbee III firmware. I’m trying to confirm that " deCONZ_ConBeeIII_0x26510900.bin.GCF" is something to attempt to resolve some issues vs. if it’s beta that may be more problematic than beneficial.

Where can we find such information on firmware updates?

Ah, thanks.

Curiously, though, the repository has a posted firmware from April 2024. But, 0x26510900 is listed for February 2024 on the changelog so I’m not sure what’s what?

deCONZ_ConBeeIII_0x26510900.bin.GCF 15-Apr-2024 12:21
deCONZ_ConBeeIII_0x26510900.bin.GCF.md5 15-Apr-2024 12:22

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