Conbee II with docker on Synology

Since DSM 7.0 i can’t use Conbee II stick with Docker on my Synology NAS.
USB works fine and the sitck is regonized.

Anybody knows a how to?

Synology: How to Add USB Support on DSM 7 – Marius Hosting A quick google showed this.

Perhaps you can use a VM instead of docker.

I have seen that.
But wanted to use it by Docker.
Tutorial is used before with Docker worked very fine for a noob… :wink:

I am not sure what you mean? The guide i just linked seems to be perfect for your cause

I mean i want to use Deconz with Docker.
Not a VM.

The guide i linked shows how that can be done i guess.

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From a Synology owner: I saw the writing on the wall with them stripping out USB support awhile ago and I think they are going to further restrict their product in more releases of DSM.

I run anything with a dongle on a Raspberry Pi and Docker while Home Assistant is on the Synology. There are a few ways to automate a backup of the entire Pi, or just Docker data files, to a Synology share so you’ll be ready if something happens.

Just an idea for you to consider as an alternative.