Conbee II - Synology - marthoc/deconz --> deconzcommunity/deconz - usb issue?


I started having some trouble , of devices not responding after I rebooted my synology with home-assistant and the marthoc/deconz docker image.

I decided to upgrade from marthoc/deconz → deconzcommunity/deconz. After doing so. The phoscon web application was very slow , and not responding as before. Sometimes it took 1 minute , or longer to respond.

Then I decided to upgrade the Conbee II firmware of the usb stick. As my firmware wasn’t upgraded in more then a year.

After doing so , I even has gotten worse then before.

I have the impression the usb stick is not handled correctly or very slow. I run the deconz docker as ‘priveliged’.

But I constantly get ‘15:09:32:253 device state timeout (handled).’

I am still using the old DSM 6.0 as the 7 is not supported.

Conbee version: 2.16.01 / 4/21/2022
Firmware version: upgraded from 26580700 → to 26780700.

Hope somebody can help me.