Conbee II stick died?

I really need your help here.
I am running a Raspberry Pi with HA.
I am using the Conbee II for years now, but after the last reboot / power down, problems started. First the stick was unresponsive, had trouble with the right gateway IP in HA and after several reboots, the stick is not recognized anymore. The deConnz addon won’t start since the USB device wasn’t found. Looks like the device is dead, but I don’t know how to verify that.
Any tips that could help?
I was so happy with my setup :S

It’s almost impossible to break the gateway.
Can you test it on a real hardware (all you want except docker or VM, a windows machine for exemple)
You can install deconz on it for test, and if it don’t work give the return of the command

GCFFlasher_internal -l

Can try to, to unplug it and replug it, a host restart don’t restart the gateway as the USB is still powered.

What does it show when you insert it into a Windows PC?

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Nothing! It just sounds the windows new hardware sound a few times but no hardware is added.
How can I recognize the stick under windows?

What happens if you install deCONZ?

Perhaps you can try to do a firmware update in windows

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Sounds like a loop bug.
A new firmware flash should solute the issue. It can be a bit tricky under windows, but it will work. If possible, please use a raspberry pi with a native setup.