Conbee II: Random lights switched on in the morning

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (8 GB) running Bookworm with a Conbee II zigbee stick that controls all the zigbee lightbulbs in my apartment. Sometimes after waking up in the morning, I realise that a few random lights are switched on, even though I switched all of them off at night. I usually control my lights via Homebridge / Homekit, where I have multiple lightbulbs grouped into one light. When random lights are on in the morning, it’s never the whole grouped lightbulbs, but only single lightbulbs.
I realised similar behaviour last year (back then still under Bullseye). Whenever that happened, the Raspberry (which I run headless so I could not see any error messages on a screen) was unresponsive and needed to be rebooted. I solved this problem by installing watchdog in the Raspberry which also fixed the problem with the random lights switched on in the morning for quite some time.
But now the random lights problem is back. The Raspberry is still responding (probably due to watchdog) and I can simply switch them off remotely.
What could be the issue?

Could be they reboot.

Best way to find out is creating logs.