Conbee II not connecting Windows

I searched but didn’t find anything that helped. I’m also a novice in the home automation game.

I have a Home Assistant running in a virtualbox on my Windows PC. As part of the setup, I use a Conbee II to communicate with a MOES wireless switch. I’ve had this up and running for about 4 months without issue.

Last night, I noticed all of the lights were blinking on the MOES like it wasn’t paired. When I started to troubleshoot this morning, I got an error on the ConBee II integration in Home Assistant.

I tried various reboots and that didn’t help. I unplugged the Conbee and plugged it back in and I got the Windows chime for when you plug in a USB, then quickly got the chime for unplugging a USB. Every few seconds, I get the unplug chime, but never get the plug in chime after that initial one.

I tried looking for the device using the GCFFlasher -l command and nothing shows up.

I installed deCONZ and it doesn’t see the Conbee. The ‘connect to device’ dropdown is empty.

I plugged the Conbee into another PC and used GCFFlasher -l and I can see the device on that PC, so I know the Conbee is working.

Any ideas why my original PC stopped recognizing the Conbee and how I can fix this?

Thank you!

Hello, and if you use the conbee on the same PC but outside the VM ?

The only thing in the VM is Home Assistant. All of my troubleshooting has been outside of the VM

So deconz was installed on windows direclty ? You don’t use the HA plugin on their docker ?
When you have made the command GCFFlasher -l was on the windows shell ?

Thank you for jumping in and helping!

So deconz was installed on windows direclty

Prior to toady, I never had deCONZ installed. I only installed it to see if it could see the device. Today, I installed deCONZ on Windows directly.

You don’t use the HA plugin on their docker ?

I’m not exactly sure what this means. In my HA, I was using the ZHA Integration

When you have made the command GCFFlasher -l was on the windows shell

Yes, I downloaded GCFFlasher, unzipped to a Windows folder, opened a command prompt in that folder and ran the command with the -l switch.

Using the zha application, you are not using deCONZ.

In that case the stick needs to be connected directly to the same machine. We can’t help anywhere else as we don’t provide support for zha.

But strange the GCFFlasher don’t work on windows, it’s a stand one application, but if it’s not the conbee, can be only the OS.
You can’t disable the VM for 5mn to see if you still have the issue ?

He’s using zha, not deCONZ.

Yeah, if I turn off the VM, I’m able to see the ConBee through a GCFFlasher.

I flashed the firmware just to try that and I still have the same issue when I relaunch the VM.

Thanks for the help - I’ll look elsewhere for zha help