Conbee II no connection

Hello all,

I’m about to move from a Raspberry3 with Raspbee to a Raspberry4 with Conbee II.
I’ve got some strange issues and nothing here in the forum seems to help.


  • Raspberry 4 in an Argon one m.2 case which includes an SSD which is connected on USB3 with a connector
  • Conbee II on a 50cm cable (which is actually for USB3, but connected to USB2, which is (hopefully, not the cause)
  • Raspbian installed
  • deconz installed

I’ve reset the installation a few times but at the moment, the conbee II does not even show the manufacturer details etc. (but I’m sure, I’ve seen it before the last reset):

From what I’ve learned here USB 3.0 is interfering with the conbee, so my hope was, that the cable would do the magic. But I’m not even able to add a single lamp sitting literally ON the conbee.

I’ve tried to switch the channel, but at the moment it always snaps back to 25 when I try to change it. Yesterday it was on 11 and I was not able to switch to 25 what finally happend when I’ve added the cable.

So, the idea was that I simply restore the backup from the raspbee, but the imported devices do not get connection.

Any ideas on that? Would be very welcome! :wink:

Thanks in advance

Additional information

I’ve found a post with the questions from support. Might be helpful…

  1. Use the ConBee II on a USB extension. (Important!). Especially when other USB 3.0 devices are connected. Their distance to the ConBee II is then crucial. When using the RaspBee II use other USB devices on a USB extension. → 50cm cable

  2. Connect the ConBee II if possible to a USB 2.0 port (via an extension) (not blue). → confirmed

  3. When using a Raspberry Pi, the original power supply is required to guarantee a stable gateway. Only this power supply delivers 5.1V and 2.5A (Raspberry Pi 3B+) respectively 3A (Raspberry Pi 4B). And it definitely has good quality. → confirmed

  4. in the Phoscon App under Menu > Gateway > General > Firmware there must be a version in the format 26xx0700 - and not “Firmware not connected”.
    → confirmed

  5. To add devices the Phoscon App must be open only once - not again in other tabs/browsers or on other devices in the local network. → confirmed

  6. possibly not current data is displayed in the WebApp. Here it helps to open the Phoscon App again in a private tab. Alternatively, cache and app data can be cleared in the browser. → confirmed

  7. Only one of the two services may be running (headless or GUI):$ sudo systemctl statusdeconz $ sudo systemctl status deconz-gui Instead of status, start/stop can be used to start or stop the corresponding service. With enable/disable instead of status the service will be activated for the next reboot. → confirmed deconz-gui is running

  8. the current deCONZ version 2.11.5. stable or 2.12.0. beta should be used → confirmed 2.19.01

  9. the current firmware 266b0700 for the ConBee II should be used. deCONZ must be closed for a firmware update via GCFFlasher - see instruction steps. For the RaspBee II the current firmware version is 26690700. For ConBee I and RaspBee I it is 26390500. → confirmed 26720700

  10. disconnect ConBee II, wait 10 seconds, reconnect, wait 10 seconds. → confirmed

  11. don’t plug in any other USB devices for testing (only the SSD via USB3 is connected, cannot remove)

  12. restart computer → confirmed

  13. what does lsusb show under Linux?

  14. what does sudo GCFFlasher_internal -l show?

  15. it may help to rewrite the firmware. This can also be done on a separate system like Windows or Raspbian. → not done yet


  • the old gateway was shutdown and power cord removed
  • I also have a debug log handy, I’m not able to find anything in it,… maybe one of you :wink:
    Download (Google Drive)