Conbee II issueson VMWare running HomeAssistant

Hey !

I’m very new to the homeassistant environment (and to the english langage)
The thing is, I just acquired a Conbee II usb stick connected with an extension cable to my windows 10 PC.
I’m running HomeAssistant 10.3 on VMWare and everyting is working well except…the Conbee stick

So, here’s where I’m at :

  • I can see the Conbee stick in HA :


  • I can see it via the Phoscon Plugin in HA but there are two issues :
    The first one is that it shows Firmware : Not Connected and the second is that the Conbee II seems to be recognized as a Raspbee as you can see below :

  • If I’m using the DeConz app directly on my Windows Computer, I can see the Conbee Stick :

  • After doing some research, I succesfully updated the firmware of the Conbee with CGFFlasher with the latest version :

If you made it so far, can somebody explain me the next step(s) to be able to :

  • Recognize the Conbee II stick in DeConz running on HA, that is itself running on VMWare
  • Resolve the issue where the Conbee firmware is not connected in Phoscon, and recognized as a Raspbee

Thank you beforehand



Can you share some logs? In #deconz you can find out what logs and how to make them.

Also, to rule out doa, did you try if you install deconz directly on windows ?


Thank you for your answer
Here are some screenshots of the logs in Deonz running via HA :

On this one, I just reconnected the Conbee to the VM :

I don’t know if it helps, but it’s the same loop running again and again anyway

And yes, with deconz installed directly on windows, it can detect the Conbee (see the 3rd screenshot in my original post)


Update :
Directly on windows, I managed to access Phoscon via DeConz as seen below, andthere I actually have a firmware number and it is successfully recognized as a Conbee, and not as a Raspbee (unlike with Phoscon on HA) :

Hm, to me it looks like deconz does not pick the right device. You can see above that Conbee is seen, but device /dev/ttyS0 is picked.

You might want to try to manually pass the right device to deconz with the --dev command line parameter. See also here for some guidance: deCONZ command line parameters · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

It is resolved !
For future reference :

In HA,I went to configuration → Add-ons → DeConz and then to the “configuration” tab
There I selected :

Again, thank you @Swoop and @Mimiix for your help

I wish you the best !

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