Conbee II instable

I use HA for connecting and automations. Conbee is the gateway. It runs in a docker container. It works but with delays.

The log shows:

failed to reconnect to network try=..```
18:32:35:106 failed to reconnect to network try=1
18:32:36:105 Skip idle timer callback, too early: elapsed 940 msec
18:32:40:106 failed to reconnect to network try=2
18:32:45:105 failed to reconnect to network try=3
18:32:46:106 Skip idle timer callback, too early: elapsed 946 msec

My question: To what does the stick try to connect?

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Stick can’t access the network or it has not enough power. Could also be interference.

Can you share logs with log levels APS, APS_L2, ERROR, ERROR_L2, INFO, INFO_L2

I understand that it has difficulties to connect to one or more of the nodes. Which may be a breaker switch downstairs. The stick is connected into a notebook directly. There is enough power.

Setting the log level is out of my comfort zone. I will try to get a USB cable extension to meet the recommendations for the Conbee II.

Thank you for your quick reply.


It’s failing to connect to the zigbee network, not to some nodes.

There’s a guide on how to make logs in deCONZ, or use the search function.

That is confusing. In my perception the Conbee II stick represents the zigbee network and offers a single access point to the mesh. Via a serial port. Typically on the same machine where the donconz service runs.

If the log of the deconz service reports a failing connection to the network, then it is it about the serial port? I assume not. Or does it complain about some abstract layer? To be frank, I expect that I need no knowledge about the inners of the abstract layers of the software when I try to fix my hardware setup.

I see myself as a user of Conbee II of Dresden Electronics. For that I need to use the work of the Deconz community (which I value most). These cryptical puzzles are frustrating and reducing zigbee fun.

I will try to be a grown up man and get that log level fixed so that I can report what it says.

Hi, i’ll answer the questions in order.

The zigbee network is not the stick. The stick is the coordinator. If the stick is down, the devices remain to have a network. That being said, your stick is able to leave or join it.

The log indicates it can’t connect to the network using the serial device that is presented to the Addon. IF there is no stick plugged in, you’ll get the logs you see (can’t connect to network , because stick is not there). If you have an issue forwarding the USB device in docker, you’ll get these errors too because the software can’t use the stick.

Additionally, the stick can’t contact the network because of interference (would result in other errors) or there is something else.

Best would be to provide the requested logs, because that gives some pointers and a deeper understanding on what part is failing.

Thx Minilix. I get the picture. A minute ago, I extended the usb with a cable of 3 meters. The log calmed down to … Skip idle timer callback, too early: elapsed .. as the only entry. That cable seems to solve my issue at least partly.

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That would indicate interference is in play. Lets see with logs :slight_smile:

And try to avoid USB 3.0.

I am not sure if I translated your recommendation of the log level correctly in the docker run command. I restarted the container as follows …

docker run -d     --name=deconz     --restart=always     -p 80:80     -p 443:443     -v /opt/deconz:/opt/deCONZ     -e TZ=Europe/Berlin  -e DEBUG_INFO=2 -e DEBUG_APS=2 -e DEBUG_ERROR=2   --device=/dev/ttyACM0     deconzcommunity/deconz

A piece of the log …

17:41:50:135 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:41:50:135 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:41:50:135 failed open com status: (-3), path: /dev/ttyACM0
17:41:51:105 wait reconnect 5 seconds
17:41:51:124 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:41:51:124 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:41:52:105 wait reconnect 4 seconds
17:41:53:105 wait reconnect 3 seconds
17:41:54:105 Daylight now: solarNoon, status: 170, daylight: 1, dark: 0
17:41:54:105 wait reconnect 2 seconds
17:41:55:105 wait reconnect 1 seconds
17:41:55:160 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:41:55:160 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:41:55:160 failed open com status: (-3), path: /dev/ttyACM0
17:41:56:105 wait reconnect 5 seconds
17:41:56:134 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:41:56:134 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:41:57:106 wait reconnect 4 seconds
17:41:58:105 wait reconnect 3 seconds
17:41:59:105 wait reconnect 2 seconds
17:42:00:105 wait reconnect 1 seconds
17:42:00:159 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:42:00:159 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:42:00:159 failed open com status: (-3), path: /dev/ttyACM0
17:42:01:105 wait reconnect 5 seconds
17:42:01:121 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:42:01:121 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:42:02:106 wait reconnect 4 seconds
17:42:03:105 wait reconnect 3 seconds
17:42:04:105 Daylight now: solarNoon, status: 170, daylight: 1, dark: 0
17:42:04:105 wait reconnect 2 seconds
17:42:05:105 wait reconnect 1 seconds
17:42:05:158 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:42:05:158 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:42:05:158 failed open com status: (-3), path: /dev/ttyACM0
17:42:06:105 wait reconnect 5 seconds
17:42:06:127 COM: /dev/ttyACM0 :  (0x1CF1/0x0030)
17:42:06:127 COM: /dev/ttyS4 :  (0x0000/0x0000)
17:42:07:105 wait reconnect 4 seconds

The system runs and responds but I fail to see the entry ìdle timer

Will try. I am working on it.

It seems the stick is already in use. Deconz can’t access the USB port

That is unexpected. Thank you for your expertise.

The issue is about a linux deamon now and out of the context of deconz.

Now I am looking for the process that connects HA to the network. I could not find it …

I was able to identify the Conbee II stick on the USB port, but it is hard to find the process that is using it. I stopped the container running deconz and as you indicated HA is still working. I checked the services, they are both idle …

jelle@jelle-ThinkPad-X240:~$ sudo systemctl status deconz
○ deconz.service - deCONZ: ZigBee gateway -- REST API
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/deconz.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: inactive (dead)
jelle@jelle-ThinkPad-X240:~$ sudo systemctl status deconz-gui
○ deconz-gui.service - deCONZ: ZigBee gateway -- GUI/REST API
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/deconz-gui.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: inactive (dead)

Docker …

jelle@jelle-ThinkPad-X240:~$ sudo docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                 COMMAND   CREATED      STATUS      PORTS     NAMES
15d53063d0fd   homeassistant/home-assistant:stable   "/init"   7 days ago   Up 2 days             homeassistant

Podman …

jelle@jelle-ThinkPad-X240:~$ sudo podman ps

My question to the community:

What about HA itself? How does it connect to the Conbee II if I use the Zigbee integration? I needed the Phoscon app to register the gateway with HA. Now that I have stopped deconz this is no longer available but HA happily continues to interact with the network.

I was under the impression that HA was using the deconz API for interacting the network. Apparently not?

Phoscon is just a third app, like HA.
All third app use REST request to communicate with the deconz API.

Do you have Zigbee home Intgration(ZHA) running in ha? If you do that’s the issue.

The stick connects to software and the software is hosting a api. The api is then used in Ha (the integration).

The software can be deconz, ZHA, or z2m. If multiple are running , others cant use the stick.

I understand it as follows but it does not make sense.

  1. I need to install Deconz to get ZHA connected to Conbee II
  2. Then Deconz and ZHA collide and cause stability Issues
  3. As the solution to the collision I need to deinstall Deconz
  4. I cannot use the Phoscon App anymore.

You having installed ZHA is the issue .

You just need the deconz addon and the integration. Ignore ZHA.

Perhaps this gives some insight deCONZ for Dummies · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub