Conbee II beta firmware 0x26780700 recommendation

Hey guys.

I am running latest stable 0x26720700 on my conbee II.
Anyone of you running the latest beta 0x26780700 from may on your conbee II?

What’s the experience with it?

PS.: my network has ~160 devices.


I have been running it for months without issues, and I think many others as well.

I don’t even think it’s beta (any more), looking at the download folder:

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thx, didn’t noticed the beta folder :slight_smile:

Read here Firmware Changelog · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub that 0x26720700 is the stable one.

Maybe @Mimiix can correct the github wiki?


You can also correct it yourself :slight_smile: :

sure, but i think i should correct my question :slight_smile:

Is “deCONZ_ConBeeII_0x26780700.bin.GCF” out of beta?


That’s something @de_employees can answer

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Yes it is out of beta. We will update the status in the next few days. You don´t have to update anything, just the status will change.


great I was waiting for it to come out of beta in the hope that will improve further my zigbee network.
also if any issue can we re-flash with the previous firmware?
Thank you!

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Yea you can.

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thx guys for clearing things up.


Runs smoothly since 1-2 months with ~100 devices

same here with 163 devices… Also I had problems pairing new devices and re-pairing sensors in case were lost, had to restart the PI. Now seems to behave ok.

Great stuff guys. :gloves: