ConBee II Backup/Restore Windows


at first happy new year for 2022. At second, sorry for my terrible English vocabulary. :slight_smile:

I have the problem that i changed my Windows OS. I have a new Windows PC and i want to restore my ConBee II (deCONZ) Data.

The Webserver (PhosCon) is available and restore my Backup to the new PC. I installed the deCONZ App and i see my Nodes in my Network. The problem is that the ZigBee meshing have some problems.

I see some new green lines from the ccordinator to any sensors.
But the network meshing is not going finaly to all actors or sensors.

What is my misstake ?

I hope that some peoples can help me ,because it is dark in my house :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.



Happy new year!

can you share some logs :slight_smile: ? How to get logs? - #2

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sorry, this is my first Debugsession. Is that ok ath this format ?

Sorry, i send in few minutes an text file.


ok, i dont underastand what i have to do to send here the debug log.
It is not possible to attach the file.

Sorry …

Can you use pastebin?


yes i can. But what is pastebin ?
Do you need al link or what is the result from this ?
Sorry, because i hear about this app first.


ok i dont know it is the right way but i post the link.


ok i have post the link to pastebin.



Just read it. I see a lot of:

  1. 11:53:40:418 APS-DATA.confirm id: 58, status: 0xE1

It seems that you have interference issues. Are you using an Extension cable ? If no, you should use it :slight_smile:

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i try it. It is possible to download a documentation für all these debug information?

In few minutes iam back.

contains a lot :slight_smile:

In this case:

ok, it seems to be building up, can you please briefly explain to me what has happened now, that an extension cable is causing it to work?


There’s a bug in the USB 3.0 implementation which disrupts 2.4GHZ traffic. Extension cable takes the conbee away from the USB interference. See the following for more info:

Ok, thanks a lot.

It works fine.


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