Conbee II (after restart) cannot connect to any devices

Hi there,

Basically, the issue is after a home server restart (using an Intel NUC running Ubuntu) and moving the server, the Conbee II no longer seems to be able to control anything and errors out with 0xE1 on task. The strange thing is it seems to be able to at least get statuses of devices—which at least some seem accurate and updated more recently.

I looked at some of the past threads, most of which relate to older firmware (I’m currently on 0x26680700). I started on an older firmware, but updated and it didn’t fix my issue.

I understand 0xE1 usually means interference. I have the Conbee II on a VERY long USB extension, and after the issue moved the server back to its original location. It still didn’t fix the issue. Finally, I also tried rolling back the network (alt-click on Advanced on Gateway and try older networks).

Additional details: I was originally using the marthoc Docker container, and now updated to the deconzcommunity version. Both cases exhibited the same behavior.

Any suggestions on what else to try, other than resetting the entire network and starting from scratch? (Including a VNC screenshot for both the logs and currently nonexistent topography)


You should update to the latest firmware 26720700.

Also you should connect the extension if available to a USB 2.0 port (not blue). At its extension cable the ConBee II should then have distance to USB devices, SSD, metal, radio, routers or other electronics. All this prevents interference. A different position of the ConBee II can bring improvements even if the current position seems optimal.

Thanks. I tried updating to the latest firmware now.

For the USB port, unfortunately I don’t have a USB 2.0 port. That being said, prior to this incident, it worked just fine in the same port it is currently in.

Separately, the ConBee II is on an 7 ft long USB extension cord and is far away from anything metal or WiFi, etc. There is also a large set of Zigbee devices approximately 3 ft away. This was its original location when it used to work. During my initial debugging I moved it to multiple locations.

I tried again now with 5 different locations at 5 different Ethernet ports (because my server has no WiFi), but no location makes any difference so far as I can tell.