Conbee 3 Aqara hack request

Hi, I hope its okay to add another problem to this thread. If this is the wrong place, feel free to move it or please let me know where to ask about it. I only link the most relevant links, since I may only add two links as a new user.

I bought a Conbee III a few months ago (to replace an Aqara Gateway). Most Aqara sensors and Switches worked fine with ZHA, but then I experienced a problem with a newly ordered switch that is similar to the one described here.

I switched to Zigbee2MQTT (but it did not solve the problem) and then saw comments on issues with other zigbee coordinators (namely issue [1] which itself links to this one) that made me believe the problem with the switch described in that issue comes from (not) pairing with the Xiaomi manufacturer code.

Is this firmware hack already implemented in Conbee 3 firmware from 08-Feb-2024? I was not able to receive button press events from the new switch, even after upgrading to latest firmware and re-pairing several times.

Is there any chance the (new) aqara hacks are going to be implemented at some point? The comment [2] sounded like it may be coming in the future, but I have not found further info. Otherwise, I may need to reconsider my choice of the Conbee 3 as my coordinator. :confused:


Moved to own topic in correct category as this is more or less a feature request.

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