Conbee 2 --> gateway names differ at Windows and raspberry


why my Conbee 2 shows different gateway names and sensors when plug to raspberry Pi or plug to Windows PC in the phoscon app? Also the shown firmware is different. It is the same usb conbee 2 stick! In case of plug to the raspberry, there are several sensors added. When I plug the stick to the PC, nothing sensors are included. I do not understand this behaviour.

Hello, network setting are on the gateway, but devices setting are on the host. If you want to transfert a network, use the backup/restore feature in phoscon / Gateway.

Also the shown firmware is different

This is not normal, you don’t make mistake with firmware and deconz version ?

He probably means deconz version. It’s on the same row.

oh sorry, the “version” differ, the firmware is identical. What is the concept behind this, why there are two different “Versions” displayes in the webserver GUI (ip/pwa is a webserver running on the stick or not?) . And the connected hardware (lamps, buttons, etc.) is stored at the host? I thought it is configured directly to the conbee 2 - so I had totally a wrong understanding of this.
The backround, I running the conbee 2 at raspberry hardware. Because there are some objects missing in deconz instance of iobroker (battery level), I wanted to check the “door contact” in deconz windows software, after reading this

The stick doesn’t store anything else than the settings of the network. Everything else is stored on the machine it’s plugged in ( to be precise, the zll.db).

That means that if you don’t restore a backup on the other machine, you’ll see differences as the other machine doesn’t know everything.

The other version number is the deconz version. 2..

The firmware of the Conbee is 267xxx

Annother behaviour I do not understand. I put the stick from the raspberry ( to the Windows PC ( and type in then following happens:
Ip on the GUI is, in the browser, the sensors are the same as plugged in the raspberry, the firmware info says: not conntected, seams not reasonable.

That’s probably the other machine you have.

As said, the software runs on the computer, which then exposes from there.