ConBee 2 and Proxmox

i have iobroker with Debian 10 under proxmox LCX Container running.

how can i use the stick to iobroker ?

Many greetings

Hello ConBee II Installation.
If I m right, on proxmox, you have a setting to change your usb 3.0 port in 2.0.

Using USB in a LXC is very tricky. I’ve tried it some months ago with a CC2531 ZigBee-Stick and ZigBee2MQTT. I needed some time to get this working and had to read a lot of tutorials. There are some things you have to change on the proxmox host an inside the container (access rights etc.).

In the meantime I’v deleted the container and reinstalled everything in a VM. It’s the easiest way to use a simple virtual machine (VM). With a VM you can easy add a USB-Device and use passthrough. Don’t forget to switch off USB3! That’s it and everything works fine (tested with CC2531 and ZigBee2MQTT and Conbee II with deCONZ/Phoscon App).