Compatibility of „Prios/Luqom Smart LED G9 2,5W CCT“


I want to clarify if this (real only smart/ZigBee containing G9 LED out there which is what I’m looking for) is compatible with deCONZ:

I could not find it on so hopefully you can help here.

It is written about a Zigbee-compatible light that is also compatible with Philips Hue. It is therefore very likely that it will also work with deCONZ. BTW, nearly all lights are supported out-of-the-box, since lights are most of the time supported by the generic implementation.

Interesting. When it comes to ZigBee and especially deCONZ I learned to check prior buying or wasting hours trying to implement devices.

Nevertheless I thought about my use case once again (3 lights controlled by 4 switches) and decided to give a Shelly dimmer relay a try to continue using the existing switches. With smart light components they need constant power on and existing switches can not be used anymore.

Still a bit strange that this only single G9 on the market has no clear listing.