ClimaxTechnology EMD-1ZBS

Hi all, I’m looking for a little guidance with respect to how to configure a Climax Technology EMD-1ZBS such that it is reporting accurate figures with respect to my electricity meter.

The device itself basically counts LED light impulses from the electricity meter - support for this device was implemented last year as per: Climax EMD-1ZBS power meter · Issue #3020 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

In my particular case, I’m pairing this device with an Elster AS300P electricity meter which performs 4000 impulses per kWh consumed.

From what I can tell, the EMD-1ZBS is probably geared to expect 1000 impulses per kWh.

I have read with interest another issue ( Develco External Meter Interface · Issue #4337 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub ) in which SwoopX made some changes to a code branch and introduced a method for the user to configure their (differently branded) energy monitor’s “pulse configuration”.

In essence, what I’m wondering is if there is a similar solution possible for the device I’ve purchased? Or I guess is that something that would also need to be accommodated in deconz code before I could configure it?

As it is, since I plugged the device in at about 4pm today, I’ve used “137kWh” - in about 3.5 hours…obviously that’s not even remotely true. If I divide that figure by 40, I get about what I might have expected to use over that time period. My daily average usage being about 30kWh over a 12 month timeframe.

So far, I’ve basically been taking the Current Summation Delivered (u48) number from the Simple Metering cluster and dividing it by 40000 to get my actual usage figure but the real reason for wanting the reporting to be configurable is that I wanted to use the EMD-1ZBS with Home Assistant’s new Energy Monitoring feature/dashboard.

I’m sure I can fashion another sensor out of the existing information that Home Assistant is getting from Deconz but I’m basically asking is if that is what I should do now or should I request a change (how?) to the code that permits configuration of the impulses per kWh for this device to match whatever electricity meter it is being attached to?

Many thanks

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Does the device actually support this? Accoding to the manual, it doesn’t so you would need to work with whatever the device provides.

Thanks Swoop. Ultimately that is something I didn’t know to even ask or consider but I had hoped there was some customisation that could be done.

Alas it seems it’s unlikely if you can’t see an option there.

I’ve been able to get the data I was after with some post processing so it’s not a total loss. It would have been nice to have the data accurately reported back to Home Assistant without having to fiddle with it mathematically but what I have works for what I wanted.