Climax Remote Keypad

@Smanar I just received this device, random internet find :stuck_out_tongue: and saw that the issue is closed whit no one able to help github issue in the link. Climax Remote Keypad 路 Issue #4774 路 dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin 路 GitHub

is there still a need to test things? I can see it in deconz but not in phoscon so it鈥檚 not supported yet. I have an extra conbee stick and also the ability to run whatever needed in a wm :slight_smile: so think I have all that is needed. but from what I can find the alarm system is still in its cradle?

Please reply this on the git issue :wink:

I鈥檓 happy to re-open.

Shure Thing @Mimiix