Cleanup After Upgrade from Conbee II to Conbee III


yesterday I successfully upgraded from conbee 2 to conbee 3. Apart from a few aqara sensors dropping out everything went pretty smooth.

Now I have a few questions.

First, within deconz it still says conbee 2 (because I migrated using the suggested backup method). Can this be changed? The conbee 2 is not plugged in anymore and migration to conbee 3 is finished.

Second, I found a few devices that I can’t identify, can someone help me or direct me to a page where I can search for it? Here are the screenshots:

Details on the left side show for the first device for example:

thanks for the help and keep up the good work @Dresden electronic :))

Hello, to change the name I think the only way is using directly the API, there is nothing in deconz and nothing in phoscon.
Take care using the last firmware for conbee 3, else you will have issue with Aqara/xiaomi device.

Your unknow device are disconnected for me, they are grayed. And I don’t find specific manufacture using thoses mac adress.