Changed channel on Deconz and nothing is reconnecting

Hi everyone,
A bit of help needed. Everything was running smoothly until I decided to tinker. I decided to change the channel from 11 to 24 to further deconflict with my Wi-Fi.

Channel change was fine and as expected everything dropped off the network but now nothing will reconnect. It has been 5hrs and no connections at all. I have tried power cycling my hue lights and that did not work.

I can get the non-Hue devices to reconnect by putting them into pairing mode and searching in Phoscon but the Hue lights will only go into pairing if released from the original network. You can see from the image below that only the two switches I manually re-paired are connected and everything else has not. I have tried rebooting the Deconz, restarting Home Assistant and power cycling the devices.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Edit: Despite promising myself that I wouldn’t tinker until I had heard back from you guys, I found myself tinkering. I tried loads of things to no avail. Suddenly to compound the problem my entire Home Assistant instance became unstable and wouldn’t come online. In the end I unplugged the deconz and rebooted and this seemed to work. Plugged the deconz back in and again it was ok for an hour or so and then became unstable again. I rolled Home Assistant back to two days ago and decided to change the channel back but instead of going to Deconz, I did it from the Gateway tab in Phoscon which, to my surprise, only had four channel options. Channel 24, which I had changed to was not one of the options. Instead I chose Channel 25, removed the deconz integration, rebooted and reinstalled it and almost instantly my devices started reconnecting.

It’s possible that choosing anything other than the four zigbee channels offered by Phoscon may lead to instability. Hope this may help anyone else who has this issue.

As an aside I also managed to screw my deconz installation by removing the deconz stick and putting it back in a different USB. This seemed to change the IP address it was given and Home Assistant could not communicate with it.