Change color of name of non-reachable nodes to make identifying easier

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Identify non-reachable nodes in deCONZ GUI with red instead of gray color for the name of the node


Sometimes I have a node that’s not reachable. As a result the name of the node is shown in gray in the deCONZ GUI. Unfortunately I find it difficult to identify the non-reachable nodes as the color gray is very close to black. It would be helpful if the name of the node is shown in red (or any other contrasting color as opposed to gray/black)

Considered alternatives

If a color modification is not possible it might be worth considering showing the name of the node in Italic or changing the color of the border of the node to another color.

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I support this request.

For me it differs per screen (phone, pc or laptop) how good I can see it. So I definitely like to see this implemented.

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Thanks! Nice to have a advocate from the inner circle :hugs:

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I´ll bring that on in our next developer meeting. Thx for the feedback!

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Don’t forget the auto alignment :wink:

So i brought it up today and our developement departement is already on it.
There will be a change of color but, it won´t be red again :wink:
Stay tuned, it will come in the next 2-3 releases.

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Beta or stable releases?

If Stable > that would be december or Januari under current release cycle.

I meant in that case the releases in general.

Thanks for following up on my suggestion. If not red I hope you will choose a color or other style component that makes it easy to identify the node. Please don’t make it blue or a “shade of grey” :wink:

Maybe this will help the development team choose the right color(s): How to Use Color Blind Friendly Palettes to Make Your Charts Accessible - Venngage