Can't read/write attribute


I need to change some attributes of a connected device, but when I try to write (or read) the attributes the program takes a long time to get the data, and finally, after about 1 minute, no data are reported and appear an error message (“Reading failed” or “Writing failed”).
No error logs are reported in deConz logs.

This happens on all my Aqara sensors (motion and temperature) and all my IKEA Tradfri buttons (shortcut and on/off), otherwise, on the light bulb (IKEA Tradfri bulb E27 WW 806lm) I can read and write anything rapidly.

I don’t know if this is a limitation of the devices with battery supply, but online I saw people that made it.


This is an example on Aqara motion sensor On IKEA light bulb, otherwise, I can get it
image image


I run deCONZ 6.16.0 on Home Assistant 2022.9.7.

Do you have some idea about what happened?
Any help is appreciated!

If it doesn’t work the device doesn’t support it, thus not sticking to the standard. Be adviced that sensors need to be awake while reading. You can do that by clicking its button.