Can't re-pair Xiaomi Multisensor

Hi community,

I am failing to re-pair my Xioami Aquara Multisensors to my ConBee II. They have suddenly failed to re-connect, so I’ve removed them but they are never showing up after resettting and initiating pairing. Any ideas or do I need to ge new sensors?

Many thanks,

You might want to give it a try with fresh batteries, which is often the source for annoying behavior. Additionally, the blink code of the LED is important to understand if device reset and/or pairing was successful.

Switching off most of the lights let me pair the sensors without an issue. I have notized that some were flashing, which gave me the idea.

@Swoop - I’ve added multiple new batteries. My pairing sequence has always been:

  • start pairing process in Phoscon
  • hold button on sensor for aprox. 8 seconds → blinks 3 times
  • release button → blinks 1 time
  • looking at the log with a stern expression
  • device blinks one more time after a couple of seconds

Any advice on that?


It happened to me quite often. If it does not pair successfully I shut down my raspberry pi and it pairs after restart. I have a large network ~ 180 devices