Can't load my Backup file


Im about to move over my setup to a new computer. Home Assistant is working, and now its time to move over my conbee2 stick. i took a backup on my old computer. Installed Deconz and my stick on my new computer but when i try to load my backup file i just get “Loading Backup Failed” what shall i do?

Is deCONZ showing that it is connected to the ConBee? When the backup is restored the settings are configured on the ConBee but for that the connections needs to be working.

I experience the same problem - moving to a new box with upgraded OS (Win Server 2008 → Win 10).

I can start deCONZ and Phoscon web interface. deConz shows my Conbee stick and everything looks allright except that a restore is not possible - “Loading backup failed”.

(I can send you screenshots but this interface does not allow me to add files to the post…)

Please advice!

In waiting for support I had success in a “workaround”.

Downgraded from the latest version of deCONZ 2.14.01 to 2.14.00 and after that restore of the backup ran through ok.

A bug in the latest sw version?

I have the problem with 2.14.01 that I cannot do a backup.
I have just upgraded the firmware to 26720700, but this did not help.
How can I downgrade 2.14.01 to 2.14.00?

Edit: I changed to beta 2.15.02 for a try. Same issue :frowning:

Hello what is your OS ?
Can you try to catch some errors on logs ?
Can you try at least on admin session to check for right issue ?

For windows you have archives here Index of /win/