Can't boot HA from SSD Rasbee II


I was trying to upgrade from mircoSD-card to an external SSD for booting my HA on a RPI 4 (8GB ram)

I got the rpi to boot from the ssd, got the new clean install up and running, got my system restored from backup…

But when i edit the /boot/config.txt and add the magical string:
It just don’t want to boot…

Any advice?

So you want to boot on USB now ?

I m not sure how the OS have evolved the last years but there is probably some more stuff to do

I’ve followed one of those tutorials, and manage to boot a fresh install from an external SSD.

However, HA won’t recognize the RasBee II hat without the mentioned lines in the config.txt.

When I add them, the pi won’t boot.

I only have a native installation running here with an M.2 SSD and a RaspBee II, without HA. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to test such a setup at the moment. Maybe someone else can give a tip.

Best to ask the HA OS developers.