Cannot see Busch-Jaeger 6716 U "Friend of Hue" switch within deCONZ-GUI

Cannot see Busch-Jaeger 6716 U “Friend of Hue” switch within deCONZ-GUI


Busch-Jaeger 6716 U switch visible.


Expected behavior: Full visibility of all devices including Busch-Jaeger 6716 U “Friend of Hue”.

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@de_employees As far as i know, ZGP Switches aren’t shown. Can you elaborate on the why?

On my other device I use a Ikea Tradfri switch for test purposes and is visible in the gui.

Without visibility and device info it’s hard the find out, why or why not devices working together. Specialy the Busch-Jaeger 6716 U switch is’nt easy the deal with.

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How did you connect it and does it work in the Phoscon app?

The manual is a bit misleading. I observed, that sometimes another combination of buttons have to be pressed instead the expected one.