Cannot Pair with Aqara Door / Window Sensor

Hi there,
I am not able to pair my conbee II running Phoscon with my brand new Aqara Sensor… I have already several sensors (Aquara Temperature f.e) but this one does not apear…
I updated deconz within my raspbean and also the conbee2 to the newest firmware…
but it is still not beeing found …

Any suggestions ?

We need to know a bit more about your setup:

  • deCONZ Version
  • Firmware Version
  • which Aqara Sensor (link or Model ID will be nice)

Did it show up in deCONZ or nowhere?

How many do you have already and how many 220V devices do you have?

thanks for your answer Gautama,
the deCONZ Version is 2.19.03 / 19.9.2022
the Firmware 26720700
There is a sticker at the package with a serial nr and the SKU: AS006UEW01 Prod Date 10/22
Does this help ?

Mimiix: What do you mean with 220v ? I have several other sensors using in my phoscon enviroment some temperature/humidity and water sensor from Aqara, too…

I am not sure about the deConz app, I cant find the edit/Join dialog as described in the documentation to let the new sensor “in” the network … If I just start the app and try to pair my sensor , I cant see anything… But I can see the other 7 already mounted sensors in the network …

Can you share a screenshot of Deconz?

The conbee can have a maximum of 20 end nodes (sensors , battery powered). In real world , this is most of the times 10 - 12 at maximum.

By having zigbee routers (lights , sockets, mains powered) this can be greater to up to 512 devices total.

If you don’t have any routers , which i suspect, you might have run into the limit.

How to fix this ? Simply get some smart zigbee lights.

here comes the screenshot :

ok just orderd a zigbee socket… but If I want to let it in my network I have to delete one of my endpoints?

Might be, yes.

Can you also share some logs in #deconz you can find out how to get them and share them. There’s a sticky post there.