Cannot Pair Aqara Opple 6-button

Hi all, I know this has been discussed ad nauseam on GitHub, but please hear me out as none of the suggestions seem to work.

I have two of these switches. Both pair within seconds with my Aqara G2H camera as a hub using the native Aqara app (hold the ‘C’ button for 5 seconds, wait for three flashes, voila)

They also pair just fine with my Athom Homey using the Homey Aqara Zigbee ‘app’ (=plugin), the procedure being wait for the second three flashes then release.

However, none of these two would pair with my Conbee II - (extension cable) - Raspberry Pi 4 no matter the steps suggested on GitHub (keep pressing until paired or wait for three blinks and then press the #1 ‘LED’ button twice ‘not fast’

Restarting the Pi did not help.

Restarting the Conbee II from the Phoscon menu did not help.

My ‘Conbee’ Zigbee network is 99% routers - two Aqara relays, two Aqara Plugs, three Ikea Signal Extenders, four dresden elektronik FLS-PP lp’s, two Aqara Wireless Double Switches, and an Aqara Mini button, all connected without issue and blinking happily in the deconz web interface. When attempting the pairing, I am physically in this Zigbee mesh epicenter one meter away from the Conbee II stick.

A couple of times the switch blinked twice and then started controlling random Zigbee devices (Button 1 = Off, Button 2 = On) and a standalone unnamed device would appear in the deconz map, attempting to re-pair with/without deleting did not help. Contributors on GitHub suggested pressing the C button once after pairing to set the correct mode, but this does not apply as the pairing never happens with Phoscon ending the three minutes with an error - nothing has ever gotten paired.

Th Pi is fully apt-get updated and upgraded as of today.

The Phoscon app lists the following under Gateway:
Version. 2.12.06 / 19/08/2021
Firmware 26660700

The related GitHib issues appear to all be solved/closed as at or before Jan 2021 and all reference prior versions of firmware so I am at a complete loss here, especially in light of the easy pairing with TWO other Zigbee hubs, which rules out the hardware problem.

Sorry for the long read and thank you very much again for considering to help me with this.

Running method: Raspbian
Firmware version: 26660700
deCONZ version: 2.12.06 / 19/08/2021
Device: ConBee II
Do you use a USB extension cable: Yes
Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? No

Eventually, Xiaomi has changed the device hardware so it could have a different MAC address prefix now. We’ve seen that on their light sensors already.

Could you share a screenshot from the node info panel from deconz GUI? Also, does the device expose the available clusters in the GUI.

In either case, it’s recommended that you update your firmware

Thanks, the firmware update to the latest beta did it.

Here’s the screenshot for the 6-button Aqara Opple