Cannot OTAU Tradfri Signal Repeater from V-2.3.070 to V-2.3.086

I have been doing OTAU firmware upgrades for my tradfri devices using the deconz GUI via VNC. Mostly they are going well, especially the mains-connected routers. However, I am having an issue upgrading the signal repeater from 2.3.070 to 2.3.086 (I previously successfully upgraded from 2.2.005 to 2.3.070).

The firmware upgrade to 2.3.086 appears to complete (progress: “done”), but the firmware isn’t actually upgraded, and deconz will try to repeat the upgrade later (again, unsuccessfully). My theory is that the “Secure OTA upgrade introduced” in version 2.3.070 blocks firmware upgrades from coordinators that are not the tradfri hub. This could be an issue for other devices since the release notes indicate that version 2.3.087 for many of the bulbs “Increased security regarding upgrade of firmware”. Can anyone else with a Tradfri signal repeater confirm that upgrades from 2.3.070 to 2.3.086 do not work?

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I am facing the same issue. The signal repeater starts downloading the firmware to the device but after that the firmware does not be applied.

Therefore the signal repeater is in a kind of loop as the device tries again and again to install the latest firmware release.

I am also on version 2.3.070 as the topic creator.

It looks like the same behaviour for the KADRILJ blinds. I am not able to update them. After download of the firmware nothing happens and the device remains on the old firmware.

Same here, after it show done, it start again after some minutes. Like smarties wrote, it’s in kind of loop.

I had a spare one with a older firmware as 2.3.070 and this one was updated without a issue. It realy look that 2.3.070 block the update. The error message in ota log show invalid update end request. The same is reportet as well in a other threat about ota update of the ikea blinds. It look there is a general issue with updates from firmware 2.3.070 because of the Increased security for ota

My guess is that the “increased security” will also be present in 2.3.086, and if IKEA releases another firmware sometime in the future you will also be unable to upgrade. I think this is going to be a larger issue with all Tradfri devices and perhaps it will prevent deconz from being able to OTAU Tradfri devices. I wonder why IKEA would make this choice.

That was clear to me, it should only check whether it is due to the version that does this. think ikea sells a lot of devices, but few hubs. this increases the hub sales;) but this way manup can check whether he can find something that makes the update possible again or if a downgrade has to be made first, then an older image can be included in the next stable release. currently I can only go back to 3.7, that doesn’t help in this case.

I guess that makes sense, but there is a good reason why the hub’s sales are lagging - it’s crap! The interoperability of the routers and end devices and their relatively low price is what makes them attractive options. I feel like locking those down to the Tradfri hub would decrease router and end device sales, rather than increase hub sales.

Same for me.
Is it possible IKEA uploaded the 070 version instead 086 ?

Same here - been driving me crazy trying to understand why!

@Mimiix : no comment so far from Dresden Elektronik on this report?! do you already have that on your radar? at some point, OTA updates for Ikea will no longer work

I asked them to check along the forum. They didn’t so far. I don’t work for DE though :slight_smile:

@de_employees i really like to have some more proactivtiy…

Thx Dennis :slightly_smiling_face:

We are currently making quite some OTA tests to improve various aspects as speed and reliability, this should be ready for v2.14.1-beta. I’ll make some tests with my Ikea repeater it’s currently on a quite old version :slight_smile:

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