Cannot log in to Phoscon

I have been using deCONZ and Phoscon successfully for several years on a Raspberry Pi with a Chromium browser. Suddenly today when I tried to log into Phoscon I got a “Set login password” screen stating that a new login password must be set to increase security. So, I tried to enter a new password having at least 8 characters. Unfortunately, I was not successful in logging in. I get a “Login failed” with all the passwords I try. I cleared the cache thinking that might help. But I still have the problem.

Assistance with this problem would be most appreciated as I am dead in the water.

Thank you!

Possibly not current data is displayed in the WebApp. Here it helps to open the Phoscon App again in a private tab. Alternatively, cache and app data can be cleared in the browser.

Thank you for the help! It is most appreciated.