Cannot find any advices in Phoscon Zigbee on Raspberry Pi Homebridge

Hi Leute, ich bin neu hier. Ich habe Phocon jetzt auf meinem Raspberry Pi installiert. Ich finde allerdings keine Schalter. Muss ich noch was weiteres auf meiner Homebridge installieren? Danke schonmal!

Hi guys, I’m new here. I installed Phoco on my Raspberry Pi now. I don’t find switches, though. Do I have to install anything else on my homebridge? Thank you!

Hello, you can 't see them in phoscon or Homebridge ?
You have included them using phoscon ?
Wired switch or battery one ?

Hi, I cant find them in Phoscon. It’s a battery one - Aqara mini switch :relieved:

From my memory this one is working.

It’s your first device ?
You use phoscon / add new sensors / make reset on the device ?

You can take a look in the api using phoscon/help/API Information/sensors
Can take a look in the GUI too if you have it.

Yes, its my first device :relaxed:

Okay, but why “sensors”? It’s a switch, so i think :thinking:

In deconz you have only “light” (powered device) and “sensors” (battery device), in reality it’s more complex, the on/off feature on a plug is a “light” and the measurement are “sensor”.

“switch” is a sub division of “sensors”.

But as it’s your first devices, you can have a setting problem.
The firmware is displayed in phoscon/gateway ?
Have you the deconz application ? the GUI, to check logs ?
Wich one reset procedure are you using for this device ?

Are you using the USB extension cable ?

Ahhh okay! That’s all information (see picture)

Sorry, but what’s “GUI”?

I must hold the button 5 seconds for reset

No, I’m using only the USB-Stick

Stick is not connected.

Can you share some logs? In #deconz you can find out how.


And as you have an empty network, you can install deconz on a windows machine, like that easier to get log and you can try the conbee on another hardware (usefull to check hardware issue, power, extension cable and ect …)

The GUI is the graphical application, if you have an headless OS can be complicated, it’s for that it’s easier to make the test on a windows machine.

Okay, I’ve installed deconz now on my windows. Cables etc are all good

All is good mean you can see the firmware number in phoscon/gateway ? And I think you can include the device now ?

If yes, the problem is from the other machine, not enought USB power, not used the USB extension cable, can you switch from USB 3 to USB 2 ?

What is the OS on the machine ? docker or VM or real OS ?

Sorry, now I’m back! :v:t2:

Good news: I have installed Phoscon new on my stick. Now I can see this information:

And I’ve found my Switch, not in “sensors” but in “switches”:

And now, next step would be: how can I find my devices in HomeBridge / Apple Home?

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GitHub - ebaauw/homebridge-deconz: Homebridge plugin for deCONZ might give some pointers.