Cannot connect to BSEED zigbee smart wall switch

In Phoscon i tried to add the zigbee smart switch without success.
It will not recognized as new light or as new switch.
The switch go into pairing mode but phoscon cannot find it. any hint?

What does it show In deconz?

in deconz is nothing for the device

This is the wall switch

When the device is in pairing mode. The searching for new lights in phoscon can find the device because the blinking stop. But i cannot find any information about the device. In HA there ist a on off device without entities.

Now i can see the device in deconz

Hi, I habe the exact same switches made by “bseed”. My Problem is similar. Deconz recognises the Device after pairing but in Phoscon it does not show up. Is there a possible fix for that?

The device isn’t supported yet. I’ve noticed that a request has been made :slight_smile:

I wonder because this guy has it running with congee II. I have the actual firmware but the name is empty. Is it possible to set a name in deCONZ app?

Any workaround to get the device in my homeassistant will be nice.


This device realy look standard, except it s not a router, try with a DDF.
Can start from scratch or just editing a working one, for exemple this one deconz-rest-plugin/07048L_smart_plug.json at master · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Device requests on git please