Cannot assign Tradfri switch in switch editor


i’m trying to setup a Tradfri switch in my kitchen so it can switch the water heater and the light. I setup the light (IKEA Tradfri driver 10W) and the heater (IKEA plug) successfully. I can switch them in the phoscon webapp. Now i’d like to setup a Tradfri switch to switch both at once. I also paired the switch with my deconz.
When i open the switch editor for my Kitchen and can select the Tradfri switch. In the next step i have to select a button on the switch. But somehow when i click the buttons (1 or 0) these are not marked. What am i doing wrong?

I updated my deconz docker image to 2.25.1. And i’m running all on my Raspberry-PI 4 with a ConBee III.


I solved my problem by pairing the button directly with the plug and tradfri driver. Still i’m not sure if this is a possible bug in the UI.