Cannot add Philip’s Hue Smart Button to phoscon

I have a Raspberry Pi running deConz in a headless mode with a Conbee II stick. I use the Phoscon app to add and manage all my zigbee devices - a mix of aqara and hue. I was having issues with my smart button not triggering scenes in HomeKit via homebridge so removed the button and reset it., When trying to re-add it i can not get it to connect to phoscon.

I have tried using the Philips dimmer switch and tap option and also the other switch options and neither register the button. I have reset the button (pressing the reset pin for 10+ seconds) and it flashes through a sequence of colours before blinking orange (pairing mode). If I have the button in pairing mode while searching for new switches the button goes green but phoscon does not register it found anything and the search times out. After this presses on the button do not trigger the led to blink or flash at all like they used to when i pressed it.

Version 2.19.03 / 21/04/2022
Firmware 26720700

Is it showing in Deconz?

Thanks for the quick reply! I have no idea as I using my Raspberry Pi as a headless client and have never got round to setting up a virtual desktop connection to be able to see deCONZ. I will see if I can get it set up over the weekend to check.

just checking in on this as i haven’t been able to connect hue buttons in over a year.

Hi sorry for the delayed reply I actually abandoned phoscon and homebridge and have made the jump to home assistant which is working just fine

I’m using home assistant too. How did you accomplish this without phos?

I have a raspberry pi running home assistant with a conbee II stick plugged in. in home assistant i have the “Zigbee Home Automation” integration installed and that kinda just picked everything up

Unfortunately no luck for me there either :confused: