Cannot add Nedis Zigbee door sensor ZBSD10WT

I am having trouble to add the Nedis ZBSD10WT Zigbee door sensor to the Phoscon App. After pushing the learning button on the sensor, the sensor cannot be found by the Phoscon App. I am using a Conbee II stick on a Raspberry Pi 4 with openhabian. My Software Versions are:
deCONZ Software: 2.18.02
Frimware: 26720700

Is there anyone with the same problem and found a solution for that. I would appreciate some help.
Thank you.

Is it showing in deconz?

Yes, it is visible in deconz and shows the follwoing attributes:

Does it has a hex name?

Yes it does have a hex name:

Seems to be unsupported in that case.

Please open an device request.

Just for information, you have a generic one here for tuya deconz-rest-plugin/_TZ3000_n2egfsli_door_sensor.json at master · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

Just need to add your model id and manufacture name.

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Please do this in an request on the github. That way, anything device related is there.

Ok. Then I will do an device request on github. Thank you so far.

Your tip solved my issue with the sensor. I added an adapted DDF file to my devices folder. Thank you.

Can you share it perhaps so we can add it to the code base? Or make a pr?

He have made an issue, closed, and a link to a PR .

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Great thanks @Captain_Future_78!