Cannot add my Tuya temperature sensor anymore after Deconz Restore

Dear All,

I faced some issue with a Tuya temperature sensor, and after some playing with it I faced a lot of issues with my Deconz. So I restored a older .dat which I have to Deconz which is connected over Home Assistant.

After these restore I tried to include the Tuya sensor again, the sensor is blinking the red light, however Deconz cannot pick this up anymore… It does not recognized the device anymore. The tuya sensor was included in the restore, but I deleted it, because it was not a good object within Deconz as every property was empty.

Does someone know how I can try to see these device or any other method to pair to Deconz?
It is going about the ZG-102Z Tuya Temperature



Just to understand, is it the only device that you have trouble with ? It was operationnal before restore or not ?

@BabaIsYou Indeed before the restore this single device was visible in Deconz.
Other new devices are also visible after the restore however this Tuya device not anymore…

As I don’t really know this device, may be my suggestion is a non-sense, but is it a way to restore it to factory setting ? If not what is the process to have it in pairing mode ?

Yeah that also a solution, but once I restore the deconz file for all the devices the issue happens again.

So after the restore, you are not able to re-include this device ?
No more visible in deconz application (the GUI) ?

If you have the GUI, can you make try with somes logs enabled, at least “info” and “info_l2” to start ?

Sorry not sure what you mean, I do not see any logs available, only the API part. However, if I change the Zigbee channel, could that work?

So I presume you are using an headless version ?

Are you using the USB extension cable ?