Can not do Firmware Update

Webbrowser shows me a new Firmware update for Conbee stick.

After making a backup and start the update prozess it was shown fine, but it wasn’t.
Old Firmware version was shown and I can do the update again.



How to fix that ?


I used windows to update the firmware… it stopped working via browser a while ago.

or try to restart the service or the whole pc.

Here at my virtual machine, I had to restart the deconz service after updating.

Thank you.
I do update manually and the update works.

But my Hue Bulb do not work right again.
They are shown not right in Phoscon app.
They switched off from 220V, but Phoscon App shows them lightning.
If i switch them in Phoscon App on/off they was shown lighting, but never do.
My IoBroker Parameters shown ever “reachable TRUE” and if I switch dem on Phoscon, IoBroker shows level.Brightness 9%.


Please just reconnect the bulb one time. So delete it over the web-app or deCONZ and bring it in like a new device. That should fix it.