Can I switch a smart+ plug when motion/temperature sensor goes below x°C?


Can I switch a smart+ plug when motion/temperature sensor goes below x°C? I do not see how I could accomplish this on the Phoscon GUI, hence my question here. If it is not pssible via the deCONZ GUI either, then I would like to point out that the Android App Hue Essentials (which I have conneted to my RaspBee II network) seems to offer such a solution. I would prefer to do it on the gateway itself, though, if possible.

I have version 2.18.02 / 19.9.2022 and firmware 26780700. The plug is an OSRAM plug (version 1.05.11) and the motion/temperature sensor is named “CentraLite” (it is actually also from OSRAM) (version

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! :slight_smile:

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Hello just a way to explore, the deconz rules Rules - deCONZ REST-API

It seem it’s possible to do so usefull ones like in this post for a light sensor Rules triggering logic · Issue #98 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

But I don’t know them at all, sorry.

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Thank you so much for the good hint! I had not thought about the REST API. For beginners too complex (and therefore a bit sad that nothing is available “out of the box”), but I will give this a try.

Hello, the REST API is the way to go if you want to save the automations on deCONZ itself. My app Hue Essentials also uses the REST API for all automations. So every automation you create in Hue Essentials will be saved on the deCONZ gateway, and works even without the app active.

When you create an automation in Hue Essentials you can check the rules using the REST API to see all is saved on the gateway.


Oh, that is nice! :slight_smile: I was not aware that the automations programmed in the Hue Essentials app get saved in deCONZ, too. Is it possible to see the automations anywhere in the deCONZ GUI, or only via accessing deCONZ via the REST API?

As far as I know only the REST API or a backup. Or Hue Essentials of course.

From where do I get the API key?

After I enabled discovery via the Phoson gateway GUI and entered the internal IP of my gateway + “/discover”, I got this response in the Firefox “</> RESTED” named extension:

Response (0.011s) -

404 Not Found

<html><head></head><body><h1>This is not the page you are looking for</h1><p>The file /discover couldn't be found.</p></body></html>

And when I use this URL, I only get an almost empty response (no API key):

Response (0.154s) -
200 OK


What am I doing wrong?

In deCONZ I can see this via the “Plugins” menu, but is that the place where some REST API key is shown?

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@Mimiix Thanks but that is exactly the webpage I have opened here. As written above, I only get an empty response.

And I know the internal IP of my gateway, it is The port is 80, I assume, as I get access to the Phoscon GUI when just entering Sorry, if I have completely misunderstood the whole guide (I read it twice). :blush:

Oh, I could have skipped the “discovery” part? Well, I don’t make progress with this, either:

Response (0.078s) -

403 Forbidden

    "error": {
      "address": "/",
      "description": "unauthorized user",
      "type": 1

I am logged in (in a parallel Firefox tab) the Phoscon GUI, where I enabled discovery. Now I am really lost. :frowning:

EDIT: I even put in BASIC AUTH of the REST extension of Firefox my username and user PW that I usually use to access the Phoscon GUI, but it still shows the above error message about “unauthorized user”.

Sorry, I was too stupid to read & understand the nicely written guide! I got the “username”: “xxxxxxxxxx” reply now and hope to proceed as planned. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

PS: In order to make progress, I asked in the REST-API forum:

To be continued there…

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