Calibrate / Offset of Aqara TVOC sensors


i have some aqara tvoc sensors and i want to calibrate them…
i found an option “offset” (for temp & humidy) and i tried to set an value for them (e.g. -2) but it doesn`t work…
the display of the tvoc and also phoscon shows the same value as before…
do i have to do anything else? e.g save the value (couldn’t find a save button at deconz gui)


no one who can help?

Looking at the DDF deconz-rest-plugin/lumi_airmonitor_acn01.json at 96f89623539d9d4b3ef57bb1a276238b5268597d · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub I’m not seeing any option to “store” the offset into a device attribute (no write function). Or may be I’m missing something ?!

Then the way you’re doing it is to save the offset default value to the DDF, that way it will be the same default offset for all you’re TVOC sensors. If you have only one it’s no matter … but if you’ve got several they share the same DDF file.

But to have it taken into considreation you have to save the new DDF file first. Then “Hot reloaded” it, or restart DeConz, or delete/repair the device