BW-SHP13 - Consumption Values not available

Hi folks,

just received two brandnew Blitzwolf SHP-13 Smart Plugs and am facing an issue here.
When I connect the plugs via Phoscon webapp, they are only recognized as lights but without the consumption values. Tried removing and re-adding them several times as lights or sensors but the outcome is always the same.

In REST API the plugs show up like this:

            "etag": "951f1fd9ba1d4383f02e3f53efec9fff",
            "hascolor": false,
            "lastannounced": null,
            "lastseen": "2022-03-15T18:22Z",
            "manufacturername": "_TZ3000_amdymr7l",
            "modelid": "TS011F",
            "name": "On/Off plug-in unit 9",
            "state": {
                "alert": "none",
                "on": false,
                "reachable": true
            "swversion": null,
            "type": "On/Off plug-in unit",
            "uniqueid": "a4:c1:38:74:0a:c2:22:04-01"

I also collected some logs where I started the discovery again: Dropbox - deconZ-debug.txt - Simplify your life

My Setup:
Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspian Buster
Conbee Stick II
Phoscon Version 2.14.01 / 6.2.2022
Firmware 26660700

Any help or hints appreciated!

For now there are no consumption values in the Phoscon App (only at Menu > Help > API information).

Maybe there is needed to add the specific manufacturername and modelid to the Rest-API (respectively adding a DDF file) to see consumption via Rest-API.

Maybe its helps to update the firmware to the newest 26720700. In any case, it is recommended regardless of this issue.

Shp13 is still in the old c++ code.

So what does that mean for me? Should I create a device request or something?

Yours isn’t added yet. This is a new manufacturer name (_TZ3000_amdymr7l) search that on git.

Best is to ping here: HEIMAN BW-SHP13 look a like is not showing powerconsumption · Issue #3788 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

And ill tag some devs.

Same issue by me. Is there any progress or a Device Request? BW-SHP13 / _TZ3000_amdymr7l / TS011F

Smanar replied with a test ddf there. Best to check the issue I mentioned.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge. How can I edit the ddf or the “device/blitzwolf/bw_shp13_smart_plug.json” file as mentioned from manup? Thank you for the support

Just use a text editor. if all is normal you already have a bw_shp13_smart_plug.json in the “devices” folder.

If you have HA or other docker OS How to add/edit a DDF on Home assistant using text editor? - #2 by Smanar
For normal OS

All DDF provided directly with deCONZ typically reside in /usr/share/deCONZ/devices/ on a Linux system and are loaded first. However, files residing in the home directory of the user running deCONZ (e.g. /home/<DECONZUSER>/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices) will override the pre-packaged files to allow users to amend and keep their own files if desired.